Ceiling Applications

Ceiling Applications

The decorative or the functional suspended ceiling applications are being used as one of the most elegant decoration details.  DEKORIST offers its customers suspended ceiling options such as wood, acoustic, plasterboard, baffle, strainer, mesh, metal, cooler cores  and rock wool, combining them with lighting solutions and unique designs.


The suspended ceilings, which began to be used in terms of functionality for reasons such as sanitation system, channels that need to be camouflaged, water damage or to hide crumbly plasters, take on a completely different atmosphere by involving an expert point of view.

And the use of suspended ceiling applications together with lighting options is among the most preferred decoration solutions for both the residential and the commercial enterprises.

There are  smart lighting, LED lighting, fixtures among the DEKORIST's home lighting products; and there are indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, LED lamps and tubes, and traditional lamps and tubes available among the professional lighting products available.

The experienced team of the DEKORIST determines a suspended ceiling and lighting options suitable for the building structure, the concept of the project, the wishes and tastes of the customers, and ensures their application with quality materials and correct assembly.

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