Floor Applications

Floor Applications

Among the floor solutions applied by DEKORIST are available laminate, laminated, solid and marquetry parquet, tiles, rolls, woven and printed carpets, homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl, linoleum, Non-PVC, epoxy, acrylic floor, micro concrete, natural stones and raised floor systems.

You can transform your home into a cosy home with the right floor material and colour selection. DEKORIST offers you numerous options for this purpose.

DEKORİST, which produces solutions of special ground to many sectors such as education, finance, food, construction, accommodation, culture and arts, merchandising, media, automotive, health and social services, sports, textile, ready-made apparel, tourism, transportation, logistics, communication and food and beverage services, adds strength to your brand.

Among the special floor solutions offered by DEKORIST, there are acoustic floor applications, EDS and clean room floor coverings and non-slip vinyl options as well.

DEKORIST evaluates the project requirements, the building character and the customers’ tastes as a whole and offers the most accurate product selected among the world’s famous brands with the most accurate practice.

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