Turnkey Applications

Turnkey Applications

DEKORIST, with its experienced technical and application team, offers the opportunity to realize the project that best suits the customer requests and needs from a single source. It elaborately puts into practice the design, project design and implementation steps with a holistic service approach within the scope of turnkey applications.

DEKORIST meets all the demands of its customers through its sales and service channels for turnkey projects. The process, which starts with a pre-interview, continues with a price offer and a technical offer. A budget is being created for each part of the project according to the initial offer and the proposed or the desired changes. Changes are being made in order to meet the needs and the preferences of the customer, and personal solution approach are being produced at the every stage of the project. Upon request, the final view of the project is being shared with the customer with alternatives such as models, prototypes and 3D digital models. The production, carriage and transportation, application, assembly, cleaning and maintenance stages of the materials to be used are also carried out meticulously.

Since all the responsibility will be on the DEKORIST in turnkey projects, the customers do not have to be in contact with many subcontractors. This allows the customer to have a clearer and an easier view of the project,  as well as saving time.

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