Wall Applications

Wall Applications

DEKORİST brings together those who want to start working with the walls to make a difference in their living spaces with endless colours, patterns and texture options. It carries out both the sale and the application of the products such as imported wallpapers, decorative paints, stones, wall panels, and acoustic wall coverings.

The customers of  DEKORİST are attaining stylish spaces with thousands of wallpapers available in hundreds of catalogues imported from America, Europe and South Korea. Besides the vinyl, non-woven, textile-based, paintable wallpapers, the products in this category also include acoustic wallpapers, special print wallpapers and posters.

DECORIST adds a completely different atmosphere to your walls with its decorative paint application, also known as Italian paint and pearl paint. You only have to choose among many alternatives of wavy, metallic look, pearl-shine or foil shine.

Among the wall applications there are natural stones, bricks, culture stones, culture bricks, fiberglass-based decorative wall panels as well.

DEKORIST, which has been also operating in the fields of volume acoustics and construction acoustics, also carries out the sale and the application of all kinds of sound insulation materials.

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